Over the past several years I have increased my involvement in the local food movement – progressing from a romanticizing, wide-eyed shopper at farmers’ markets to working directly on ways to foster the viability of agriculture in the Chesapeake Region. During the course of this professional evolution I have come to the personal conclusion that I want to know where my food comes from and how its provenance fits into the food chain – then find ways to shorten it to make farm to table eating my norm.  As I’ve learned more about the challenges facing farmers in this region my respect and admiration for them has exponentially increased,  my dedication to eating seasonally and supporting local has redoubled and I have been inspired to share this journey towards more conscious consumption. My goal is not to be solely a “locavore” but rather to make better decisions by balancing my choices with an eye to community, convenience, and conscious in a meaningful way.


Thus food-whys is a means to document my evolution, examine its challenges, and impose discipline in my quest to become more competent in the kitchen and the garden, increase my culinary knowledge, and ultimately be a more conscious cook.


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