Baby Steps

As my son begins to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other for the first time in his life, it has helped me reflect upon a new year in a different way. As another year dawns, many turn to resolutions as a means to start fresh or being anew; however for me such resolutions have always seemed a bit hollow.

As a person who is continually making lists of things to do, trying to define and work towards goals both professional and personal, I see the start of the year as a time to commit to achieving more of what I have already set out to accomplish. So rather than brainstorm a new list of mundane actions, I have decided to focus on prioritizing in each area of life – family, health, & work.

In contemplating these areas, it occurs to me that there is a priority that affects all three – conscious eating. I am fortunate in that I work in an area that I am passionate about and which what I learn can improve both my office work as well as the quality of my personal life. I thus renew my commitment to eating more local & healthful foods.

So, in the spirit of baby steps… today I ate grapefruit.

baby steps grapefruit

Before you shake your head and utter “tsk, tsk” – hear me out.  As is always the case in any location, some foods with fantastic qualities such as high antioxidant levels or vitamins that fight winter blues such as C, A, and B5 do not grow here due to climate. It is not warm enough for citrus fruits to thrive in Maryland – they do not tolerate more than a few hours below freezing. However, they flourish in southern states and ripen during the winter months. So grapefruit is now in-season. Furthermore one of my relatives is kind enough to send a big box of citrus from her home in Florida every holiday season. Thus I am able to enjoy grapefruit as a treat from a loved one and a boost to my health.

So on this day in the new year, I lean towards the health side of the spectrum more so than the local.

What are my other priorities this year? Well, one is – make peace with what works; be satisfied with progress towards more local eating rather than lamenting not meeting an arbitrary amount of local each meal, day, or week.

Here’s to making 2011 filled with progress, satisfaction, health, and happiness.

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