Lemon-cranberry scones

Adapted from The Gourmet Cookbook

Be sure to include the fresh citrus – it’s the zest that really brings these scones to life.


1 2/3 c. all-purpose flour

1 1/3 c. oats

6 T. sugar

1 T. baking powder

¾ t. baking powder

½ t. salt

1 ½ sticks (12 T) cold butter, cut into ½ inch cubes

2/3 c. well-shaken buttermilk

Zest of 1 lemon (or other citrus fruit)

1/3 c. dried cranberries, chopped

Turbinado sugar for sprinkling on top

Equipment:  Food processor, cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (to save on cleanup time).

To make:

Preheat the oven to 425°F if baking right away.

Combine flour, oats, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt in a food processor.  Pulse until oats are chopped up & the mix is uniform.  Add in cubes of butter & pulse approximately 10 more times, or until butter is pea-sized or smaller.


Put the dry mixture into a large bowl and add in the dried cranberries, tossing to coat them with flour and distribute them evenly throughout the mix.

Mix the zest into the buttermilk, and then add both into the dry ingredients.  Mix until incorporated – the dough won’t come together as one mass yet.  Dump it all onto a cutting board & knead together into a shaggy ball of dough.  Pat out into a disk about 12” round & 1” thick.  Using a bench scraper or a knife, cut dough into 8 triangles. At this point they can be frozen on a cookie sheet & kept for several weeks or baked off immediately.

If baking immediately, sprinkle with turbinado sugar and bake for 12-14 minutes.

If baking from frozen, sprinkle them with turbinado sugar & then bake them (no need to thaw first) for 14 minutes.

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