monthly inspiration – Lindsey Lusher Shute

I should have known better.  In a time when I feel as though every time I cross one thing off the to-do list it translates to many more additions to that list, I should not have attempted to add one more to-do.  Instead I should be scaling back, trying to find efficiencies, and reducing my commitments in order to better focus on the seemingly monumental work that I have to tackle right now.  So when I initiated watching TED talks for daily inspiration I should have known to make it daily monthly as a start.

But I am eternally optimistic, and passionate about working towards a better food system, so I was hoping to find a way to stay closely connected to creativity and inspiration in the field.  What I have realized is that thanks to our interconnected world these days, inspiration is always close at hand.  So I'm scaling back – a monthly TED talk review; a quick dose of excitment to help me keep my eyes on the horizon even when it feels like I'm drowning.  And besides, a month's passing feels like a week anyways!

So, here is the monthly TED talk that I've watched for April: one by Lindsey Lusher Shute, founder & director of the National Young Farmers' Coalition.  A good overview of the reasons why many did not continue family farms, reasons that we should incubate more farms, and how policies need to change to support these new farms and address barriers to entry and ongoing challenges such as financing.  



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