daily inspiration day 2 – TED: Farm to Freezer in Montgomery County MD

Day 2 inspiration – a local story that I had heard was selecting as part of a competition to present at a TEDx Manhattan event all about food.

Simple solution, multiple benefits – combining business werewithal with passion to address a problem in the local food system of wasted food that could be used to feed the hungry: prepare and freeze it.


Points of interest / takeaways:

  • the challenge of presentations and balance of detail; I came away without being able to distill exactly how the program is distinct and works into a brief description (filled the freezers at Manna only or others too? logistics of getting food around? dealing with larger volumes than expected?)
  • inclusion of stories/steps & bringing story to life: there were pictures from Spiral Path Farm but nothing shared about how it has affected their business (other than a reference to nebulous 'tax breaks' for donations)
  • notion of Maryland Benefit Corporation and exploration of that status


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