daily inspiration day 1 – morning TED talks: guerrilla gardening in South Central LA

I love the concept of TED talks – getting ideas out there, sharing fantastic projects and ideas that are actively addressing social, environmental, and other problems.   But every time I want to look for some inspiration it's been overwhelming the amount of content that is now out there associated with TED (talks! conferences! events! TEDx!).  

So I've come up with a new strategy – in the spirit of starting the day with some inspiration, I am going to watch 1 TED talk per day. 

Today's topic: guerrilla gardening in South Central LA.  Ron Finley makes a great case for "changing the composition of the soil" – our society.  Here's the video:


And my favorite points / quotes from the talk:

  • we have to change the composition of the soil – we are the soil
  • "growing your own food is like printing your own money"
  • if kids grow kale, kids eat kale
  • "we have to make this sexy" – gangsta gardeners
  • shipping boxes as healthy cafes



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